Real Customer Reviews

"I got my bad clown gear shirt today and now i really do feel like i know everything there is to know about everything for real now!!!"

   -Tom a Truck Driver from Battle Creek Michigan.

"I got my BCG shirt today and i feel like the pa turnpike is smoother!!"

  -Steve From Pittsburg

"I got my bad clown gear shirt today, the girls are sort of all over me and stuff and stuff "πŸ€“

  -Eric from Wooster, Ohio

"Ei ged my bat cling gar chirt , an my lowrider i eben lower and mi chevy it go pas fas"

  -Juan Quainero from Rosarito, Allenda, Mexico

"Got my bad clown gear shirt today and now its easier to spy on the elections" πŸ•ΊπŸ½

  -Vladimir Coschovovonovovochov from Belarouise Russia

"Today, after 43 years, I have finally moved out of my parents basement, all while wearing my BCG Shirt" 
   -Dave from Notrees, Texas